Kira Frampton  ( 11/08/2019 

My husband and I enjoyed a fantastic experience at Lake Atitlan Spanish School! We originally booked one week but quickly decided to extend our time by an additional one. If we didn’t already have flights booked, we would definitely stay on even longer. Our instructors were extremely knowledgeable and dedicated to helping us learn. Additionally, our home stay was incredibly welcoming; we truly felt at home. If you are interested in improving your Spanish, Lake Atitlan Spanish School is the place to be.


Ben Robinson

We’ve been travelling in Central America for 6 weeks now and struggling the whole time with our very poor Spanish. We spent one week at Lake Atitlan Spanish School studying intensively and staying with a host family. Apart from improving our Spanish immensely, we had a fantastic time in a beautiful place and met some genuinely lovely people. It’s been the highlight of the trip for us. Thanks Selvin for your excellent teaching and interesting conversations in Spanish! Thanks also to Zulma & Félix for welcoming us into your muy bonita casa!

Michael Rozan

We stayed for 4 weeks at the Lake Atitlan School in beautiful San Pedro and enjoyed it very much. We are a couple but both had our own (one-on-one) teacher, what we really recommand. We started on an beginner level and are now able to have conversations even with local people. Just great!! What we especially like, compared to other local schools, that the teachers work togehter as a cooperative. The money the make goes directly to your teacher, what is esentially needed in Guatemala. The athomsphere at the school and during the class is pleasant and there is always space for a joke or some special activities (museum, cultural tour, market) if you want. Muchas gracias to  Selvin for the great job! 🙂

James Gale

My partner and I attended the school for 3 weeks and cannot rate our experience highly enough. The staff are very friendly and flexible in terms of the number of hours you want to do. For example, we started as a couple and did 4 hours every day for the first week. The second week due to illness, I did 1-on-1 lessons and upon returning my girlfriend did 3 hours a day with her own teacher to catch up. We started school with a very very basic grasp of Spanish and Selvin (our teacher) shaped our curriculum around our abilities and what he feld was important for us to cover given the amount of time we had. We covered 10 essential verbs and their basic conjugations before adding some irregular verbs and beyond that, past tense. It was amazing to see how quickly our Spanish improved. Within a week or so most of my lessons were largely spent in conversation, covering politics, travel, work and football. In addition to the classes, the school has daily activities that change every week. We went along to a traditional cooking lesson, also a weaving class. It is well worth taking part. The school can also arrange a home stay. This is recommended as you are then immersed in the language. Our family were lovely and we really felt like part of their family. They even took us along to their son’s chess tournament, a beauty pageant and a rhythmic gymnastics competition. All of these experiences, you really can’t buy. Besides all this, the home stay is economical worthwhile as whilst it is a little more than the hotel we stayed at, it included 3 meals a day (except Sundays) I would highly recommend this school to anyone. 5* Thank you too all the staff and our Guatemalan family 🙂

Frank Zandbergen

Great school on the lake in San Pedro. Experienced teacher who know what’s best for their students and really make you improve your Spanish fast! Classes are given in little huts right near the water. I also really enjoyed my homestay family here, they made me feel very welcome! Having studied at multiple schools in Guatemala, I can definitely recommend Community Spanish School!

Yael Moran

I learned in Lake Atitlan Spanish School in San Pedro for one week. The prices are similar to the other schools (100$ for 3 hours- 5 days), but they have activities at the afternoon for the students (which the other schools don’t mentioned) , for example: culture class, city tour and more.. The place is beautiful and the environment is really relaxing and very good for studying, you can’t feel that there are more students around you. they match the study to your level and to what you want to learn (conversation, gramer etc.) Yoc can also live in host families for the all time you learning Really recommended!! Buena Suerte 🙂

Mado Rozan

We felt extremely lucky that we decided to choose Lake Atitlan Spanish School in San Pedro, Lake Atitlan! I could only say a few sentences in Spanish and barely understand anything before starting our 5-day intensive classes at the school. Five days later I can understand lots and my Spanish has improved drastically! The staff at the school are so friendly, professional and welcoming! Our teacher Pedro was a true gem! He put together a course structure perfectly and tailored it to exactly what we needed. His teaching style and structure is amazing, concise and full of tips to help!! Thank you Pedro, we are very grateful!! The lessons are held in beautiful, serene gardens. It is the perfect setting to learn and definitely makes it a pleasant learning experience. There is even complimentary coffee!! We also decided to do the homestay with a local family and we’re so happy we did! Our family was lovely, friendly and welcoming. Three meals a day were prepared by the host family. These were so delicious, nutritious and substantial! It was fun spending time with the family, and talking/listening to Spanish after classes. It definitely helped with the learning process and increased my Spanish volcabulary and understanding. Thanks for an amazing learning experience and great experience overall! Our only regret is that we couldn’t stay longer learning at the school and with our host family! 🙂 Do yourself a favour and book in with the Lake Atitlan Spanish School San Pedro, you won’t regret it! 🙂

Daniel Marquis

La meilleur école d’espagnol a San Pédro la Laguna, une équipe fantastique et expérimenter. En particulier notre professeur Selvin. En plus cette école aide les enfants démunis du village avec un fond spécial a même leur profit: a recevoir une éducation adéquate.

Courtney Lewis

My experience at the Lake Atitlan Spanish School was everything I hoped it would be. During my four week stay, I opted to live with a local Mayan family which was coordinated by the school. My host family was very welcoming and my accommodations (private room/bath with three home-cooked meals per day) were amazing. If a true Spanish/cultural immersion experience paired with safe/quiet living arrangements is what you are looking for, I highly recommend a homestay vs. a local hostel/hotel. It is amazing how much you can learn in just four weeks of classes and real life interactions with the local society. My teacher constructed my lessons wonderfully and we advanced rapidly based on my prior experience studying Spanish in school. While there are many options available for Spanish schools in San Pedro La Laguna, you won’t find a school that is more professional than Lake Atitlan Spanish School. 5/5!

Leigh Web

I originally chose this school for the central, lake-front location and the nice looking grounds. Although this wasn’t the best reason for choosing a Spanish school it turned out to be the best Spanish school I could have asked for. One of the highlights is that the teachers all have 8 years experience teaching Spanish and are also part owners of the school. They are very proud of their school and make sure their students get the best from them. My girlfriend and I studied here for two weeks and it was nothing short of excellent. Maria and Selvin (our teachers) we so nice, and are such good teachers that we were able to travel through the rest of Central America confidently speaking basic Spanish after our two weeks at the school. We chose what we wanted to learn, and they worked with us to get the results we needed for our travels. It was a lot of fun. The school I would recommend as one of the best value Spanish schools in Central America. Cannot speak highly enough…thank you Selvin and Maria

Alex Macbride

I really enjoyed learning Spanish at Community Spanish School and my teacher Ariel Selvin was very knowledgeable, funny and provided a very relaxing and motivating atmosphere in which to learn. The location is phenomenal and I am planning to take more classes this winter. I can highly recommend the staff and School to anyone interest in learning Spanish while in Guatemala. Es mi naturaleza ser perezoso, pero Ariel cambió eso. grazias.

Britta King

We looked into 4-5 other schools in San Pedro and ended up picking Lake Atitlan Spanish School due to its professional staff and great location. We wanted a good school that could help us learn Spanish and that we could trust to pick a good host family. Lake Atitlan Spanish School exceeded our expectations on both! We were placed with a beautiful, engaging family (with plenty of privacy too), and my teacher, Maria, taught me lots in just two weeks and adapted to my wishes/style of learning. I found the other teachers to be just as engaging and pedagogical when I talked to them during afternoon activities, which were an excellent opportunity to learn as well. I would recommend this school to anyone.

Emily Mclntyre

Being at this school was an unbelievable experience on many levels. There are quite a few different Spanish schools to choose from but this one by far has the most stunning views! You get the luxury of learning one-on-one Spanish in your own private hut! They provide fresh Guatemalan coffee as well! You get to know all the teachers that work there quite quickly as they genuinely enjoy chatting with you and watching you progress in your new language. There is also a homestay option which is a fabulous experience. I spent a week with the family, and they loved showing you their culture, way of life and doing activities with you. You stay in a lovely room and enjoy three meals a day with them. The kids are also a blast to hang out with, I recommend playing soccer or basketball with them. There are also options after school each day to practice cultural activities such as salsa dancing. This is a great way to put your Spanish to use in a fun setting and practice with other Spanish speakers. If you are a traveller on a budget, the lake is one of the cheapest spots to learn Spanish in Central America as well. Good luck!

Joshua Moon

The Lake Atitlan Spanish School was absolutely the best. I studied for two weeks and got all the neccesary language skills I needed for my travel. All teachers are super friendly and good in what they’re doing! I really enjoyed the view at the lake every morning. Also I’m glad I did the homestay. Super friendly family! And if you want to practice your spanish besides the lessons you’re welcome to participate at the different activities the school offers. I had so much fun learning spanish there! They make an individual plan for your lessons. Doesn’t matter which level you have or for which purpose you need spanish for (travel, business…). So I can recommend this school to everyone!