Can I start my classes any day of the week?

You can start classes Monday through Sunday. We suggest you reserve your classes one week in advance. Office hours are Monday to Sunday from 8 ’til late. You can walk in or even better: Book your class in advance via our website and online shop.

What do I need to bring for classes?

Nothing. Most of the materials are provided by the school. We recommend to bring a Spanish-language dictionary and any Spanish-language books you want to read for practice. The school provides textbooks, workbooks and exercises.

Is there Internet connection at school or at the home where I can stay?

Yes, there is Internet at the school and host families.

Are there ATMs in San Pedro?

There are two ATMs of the bank “5B”. One at the boat terminal to Panajachel and one in the center close to the market.

Can I pay in dollars, or only in quetzals?

We accept dollars and quetzals. Dollar bills should be in good condition without tears or other blemishes, Due to situations outside the school, we only accept USD $ 50 and USD $ 100 bills

Can you arrange transportation from the airport to San Pedro?

We can arrange shuttle service from and to San Pedro from 5 AM-11 AM. After hours, we can arrange for a private taxi at any time.

How much is the airport transfer to San Pedro?

The shuttle costs GTQ350; the private taxi, GTQ900. For more information, see the HOW TO GET HERE page.

Will the school organize my stay in town if I arrive late at the Guatemala City airport?

Yes, we can make a reservation for the stay in hotels near the airport and arrange transportation the next day to San Pedro.

Can I live with host family, being vegetarian?

Yes, the host families are experienced with cooking for vegetarians foods.

Can I start living with the family on the day I arrive, or do I have to find a hotel the first night?

You can live with a family starting on the day you get to San Pedro, any day of the week, as long as you have made a reservation.

What gifts I can bring my family and how many members are there?

This is difficult to say, because families are assigned as students arrive. Bring some postcards, pens, shirts and so on.

Can I change my host family or teacher if I am not happy with either?

Yes. You can also change to experience living with another family or learning with a different teacher. We are very flexible.

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